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2nd Annual Monty’s Maynia Fishing Tournament

Official Rules

Safety & Conduct

    • Participants are expected to follow all laws and rules that apply for safe boating, including the requirements under USCG.
    • Participants are expected to follow all laws and rules that apply to the taking of marine fish.
    • Participants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship and courtesy to competitors and marine life. Any participant who shows threatening behavior, illegal or improper conduct of any kind will be immediately disqualified from the Tournament.
    • Fishing must be performed in accordance with principles of good sportsmanship, and in compliance with these and IGFA rules as published in the IGFA World Game Fish book under “International Angling Rules.” Rules will be strictly adhered to, and all decisions of the Tournament Director will be final.


    • No angler will be eligible to win any tournament prize unless properly registered, with payment of applicable fee(s), before entering weigh-in.
    • Registration may be completed in advance by mail, online, or at Prime Marina Miami.
    • Registration fees are non-refundable. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
    • Early registration will be $500.00 for four anglers, and $150 for any additional anglers. Deadline for early registration is April 15th, and a $100 late fee will be applied.
    • Calcutta entries will include:
      1. Fantastic Four: $200.00 Entry
      2. Jumbo Mahi: $100.00 Entry

Captain’s Meeting

    • All teams must have a representative present at the Captain’s Meeting.
    • Calcutta Cash prize will be collected on this day if not paid for while pre-registering online.
    • Any changes to tournament rules will be amended verbally or in writing during Captain’s Meeting.
    • Eligible Species & Prizes
    • Dolphin, Kingfish, Wahoo, Black/Yellowfin Tuna, Cobia, and Sailfish
      1. No mutilated fish (will be based on committee’s opinion) are accepted.
      2. Minimum of 10 pounds are required for entry into tournament.
      3. Fish that will not be used for the tournament should be released to ensure conservation of species.
    • Non-Calcutta Prizes will be awarded to: (any fish may be examined by any means necessary)
      1. 1st overall heaviest Kingfish, Wahoo, Black/Yellowfin Tuna, Cobia
      2. 1st overall for most Sailfish releases


    • Calcutta prizes will be awarded to: (must enter to win) (any fish may be examined by any means necessary)
      1. Fantastic Four Calcutta Pool
        1. Must have one of each species: Kingfish, Wahoo, Black/Yellowfin Tuna, and Cobia
        2. Heaviest quad will win Fantastic Four Calcutta Pool
      2. Jumbo Mahi
        1. Heaviest overall Mahi will win Jumbo Mahi Calcutta Pool
    • In order to be eligible to enter weigh-in, teams must check-in with an official Monty’s Maynia representative before 4:00 PM (16:00). Teams that miss the check-in will be disqualified – NO EXCEPTIONS!
    • OFFICIAL WEIGH STATION: All fish to be considered for winning place must be weighed on the official scale at Prime Marina. Official weigh-in time is 4:00-5:30 PM  (16:00-17:30).


    • Teams may NOT enter Bahamian waters.


    • Any protest concerning the conduct of an angler or rules violation must be filled in writing and submitted to tournament committee by 5:00PM the day of violation.
    • $100.00 fee will be collected if protest filed.
    • Other Information
    • Tournament will be monitored on #71

For any other information before or during the tournament please call (305)854-7997.

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